Good At Home Workouts For Losing Weight

By Maryanne Goff
If you strive to lose weight and keep fit, you will secure your health. Among the things you can do to lose weight and also keep fit entail minding your diet and also engaging in regular exercise. In order to adhere to the healthy diet that will help you lose weight, you need to plan what you eat and also be careful while you shop. Some people have even subscribed for gym membership so they can exercise regularly. However, if you cannot afford to secure gym membership, you can still workout from where you live. In the next section, you will discover some good at home workouts that do not require any equipment but will still keep you fit and leave you with just your ideal weight.

One simple exercise that you can do at home is Plank Exercise. First, lie on the ground on your side. Your elbows should support your body as you rest it on them as you straighten your legs. Without bending the back or legs, raise the hips in a slow motion. Lifting one hand and resting the whole body on the other hand will be the perfect trial for you. This should be repeated 10-15 times in each set, as you do 1-3 sets.

To exercise your legs, you may want to use stair if you live in a home with stairs. Alternatively, you may want to procure a staircase for this purpose. If you climb up and down the stairs for about 8 to 10 times a day, you will be good.

Many people find that crunches build muscles and reduce fat. They are an ab exercise that requires you to lie flat whilst lifting your legs and head. Your legs should be straight, and you should attempt to touch your knees. Remain ‘crunched’ for a short period before lying down again. One to three sets are recommended, each with ten to fifteen crunches.

An abdominal exercise that is usually focused getting rid of abdominal fat is Sit-Ups. Lie flat on the ground on your back. Your hands should be at the back of your head with the fingers inter-locked. Attempt lifting the upper part of your body. The legs should not bend or move. Maintain the position for 1-2 seconds and then go back to your initial position. Perform as many sit-ups as you can.

The final exercise that you can do in the house is aerobic dance. This is not just fun but also great for weight loss especially for women. There are DVDs that can guide you. The exercise helps the whole body and can be done with friends.

If you need to lose weight and keep fit at the comfort of your home, you have the above 5 exercises to consider. Of course, there are many others that you can still do at the place where you live. They include pushups, squats, pilates and even lunges.

These exercises can be carried out on a daily basis or even on alternate days. Given that you now have an objective to achieve, you can commence these good at home workouts. The only remaining thing is some inspiration to get you going.

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Good At Home Workouts For Losing Weight

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