There Is A Way To Stop Being Broke And Change Your Future

By Nickolas Anderson
I didn’t think it could ever happen, but you really can stop being broke and change your future. Yet my first attempt to get out of debt and manage my money better was a dismal failure. I thought that recycling cans and bottles would keep me frugal and be good for the environment.

The first order of business was to get containers for the cans and bottles that I would collect. Three trash cans and some plastic liners came to $65.58. But I forged on, sure that I would regain the initial expense after a few visits to the recycling center. My first attempt ended in frustration. The Website said the center was open until 4:00 pm, but when I arrived there at 1:15 pm, a paper sign said it closed at 1:00 pm. Totally annoyed, I drove off to get to work in time.

I made a second attempt during my break time. The next recycle center was located in an industrial area surrounded by trucks, trains and one-way streets. Finally I found it, but orange pylons blocked the entrance. Against all odds, I parked the car and ran up to the building only to be told that the center had to close that day because they didn’t have any cash. So far my score is less than zero. I’ve spent time and money, with nothing to show for it but my frazzled nerves and a stinky car.

I was about to explode in frustration. Then I got a call from a friend. He told me about Verve. They have a product line that can help you lose weight by decreasing your appetite and increasing your energy. Great, I said let’s give it a try. After two weeks, I had lost five pounds and was feeling great.

With social network marketing I was easily able to make enough to cover the cost of my product. Four weeks and two pant sizes later, friends started asking me how I did it. When I told them about Vemma, three friends couldn’t wait to order their own supply followed by a monthly shipment. We kept tweeting each other about how Vemma was helping us get into shape. It was not long, and the news about the products spread.

I continued to sell to new customers, as did my first three customers. I am making money from my direct sales, and my residual income is increasing faster than I thought possible. When people ask how I stay so trim, I tell them about Vemma. As a result, the new customers keep coming.

My life is so much more enjoyable now. It’s great to have money and time to enjoy it. Residual income is the best! It’s like having a money tree that just keeps producing.

It is great! You can stop being broke and change your future. You can even be wealthy without working long hours every day. Vemma makes it easy to get started, without membership fees or start up costs, there is nothing in your way. I have plenty of money now, and so much spare time that I opened my own recycling center.

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There Is A Way To Stop Being Broke And Change Your Future

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